Make An Occasion Extra Special With DIY Tissue Pom Poms

Family occasions such as baby showers and birthdays are a fun time for every family. This is primarily because the entire event is about a child. Such occasions require more attention to the details as the child needs to feel happy about everything. There are various things that can be used to make this possible, one of which are pom poms. These can be purchased separately or can be made from different items.

DIY tissue pom poms are easy to make and also serve the purpose. They can be made at home too. One would need thin wire (used wire is also fine), string for hanging them, scissors, plier and tissue papers. The tissue papers must be made straight and aligned. This is an important step and is very helpful in the latter stages. Measure around an inch and an inch and a half from the paper and fold them over the remaining paper. The fold needs to be clean. It is best to fold the entire stack of tissue paper in one attempt and hence, the fold needs to be uniform. The stack must be flipped and the process must be repeated. The paper must be folded till the end. If there is some leftover paper, it can be trimmed off.

The next step in making DIY tissue pom poms is to tie the folded paper using the wire. It must be tied around its centre. It must be tied without making it too tight or too loose. Excessed wire can be snipped. The next step is to trim the ends. This can be done according to how a person would like the end to be. This has to be done on both ends. It has to be opened and held from the centre. The tissue paper has to be peeled properly to avoid tearing the paper. This must be repeated on the other end to make the DIY tissue pom poms ready for use.

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