Garden Marker Ideas

Garden marker ideas
If you have are look to develop and grow garden then you must also have to take care of its development and growth. The vegetables and plants should be properly taken care of to check their growth. For this it is important that you spend some time there and decide what kind of cares any specific plant require as different plants and trees have different requirements for healthy growth. If you don`t spend time in your garden then you feel difficulty in distinguishing different plants when they are growing, especially when you are growing vegetables. To solve this problem, the best thing you can do is to place markers to separate vegetables from other plants. You can easily find the garden markers online or from your local nurseries and retail stores. But it will be more fun if you create these markers by yourself. Following are some of the DIY garden marker ideas for your garden.

  • You can write name of different vegetables on wooden craft sticks with the use of marker. Further you can also paint the stir sticks.
  • Another good garden marker is repurposed wine cork. You can write the name of vegetables and plants on cork and then pierce these with sturdy stick or wooden skewer. The stick must not be too thin; otherwise it may break during stormy weather.
  • Another option you have is to select some old bricks or rocks and write the name of vegetables or plants on it and place it near that specific area of garden. This type of marker is really helpful in areas where there are strong winds.
  • You can also write the names of plants and vegetables on clothes and attach these to long sticks as marker.

These are few easy and DIY ideas for garden marker that are really helpful for identification of different plants.

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