23 Diy Concrete Projects: Use Concrete To Amazing Extents

Concrete is one of the easier things that can be used in DIY customization projects. They can be used in most places and are relatively cheap. Concrete accessories are the trend now. These factors can be used to make the best accessories from concrete.
One of the easiest DIY concrete projects is to make plant stand. To make a plant stand, the first thing needed is a bucket and some other utility supplies. This is perfect for small and slightly larger plants. These stands look good both indoors and outdoors. The legs of the stand can be painted to make it look more attractive.

If the traditional bucket shaped mould is not one’s preference, he can make a box of the shape he wants. This can be used as a mould. Another interesting option is to make concrete steeping stones. This requires circular moulds of different sizes. Concrete can be filled in these moulds to make stones of different sizes that can be used in the garden to achieve perfect contrast. Further customization can be done by pressing various objects such as leaves to achieve uniqueness.

One of the easiest DIY concrete projects is to make candle holders. Empty coffee cans or Pringles containers can be used as moulds. After the concrete has dried, it can be painted using any method to make it look colourful and elegant. These can be used to hold candles, pens or any other thing.

In fact, such holders can be made in larger sizes and stacked together. This makes it easy to store different objects in the same place. One of the most radical DIY concrete projects is to coat wooden furniture with a little concrete. One need not cover the furniture entirely with concrete. A light coat in random places helps to further accentuate the wooden texture of the furniture.

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