22 Awesome Pergola Patio Ideas

Pergola, once popular in Italian Renaissance, are an admirable let-up from heat during burning summer. To talk about the construction, pergola is not as complicated as it sounds. Usually crossbeams and hard boards are used to build it with a touch of vines or lattice. You can easily handle a DIY project if you are alive to recent pergola patio ideas, material and guidance.
To equip you with what’s up, this article has top pergola patio ideas for you.

Hot Tub Cover
The locations facing extremes of weather are better install hot tub cover design of pergola. These parts of world, with intense weather, need breezy blow as well as covering against cold and privacy in pergola styling. So, this most suitable option will give them retreat and safety against severe conditions of weather.

Patio Partition
Patio partition is one of the most inexpensive and elegant pergola patio ideas. People find this option like killing two birds with one stone; it is cheaper than other pergola patio styles and gives uniqueness and chic to the construction.

Garage Gateway
This option gives serene atmosphere amid the maddening bustle of the world. With this simple design of pergola patio, you can enjoy the bliss of family gathering on breakfasts. Be careful about the use of material, using quality wood, you can save on maintenance charges for as long as 30 years at the minimum.

Cocktail Enclosure
Add an outdoor kitchen, wine cooling and beer opening to give pergola patio new style and modern touch. Keep up adding things to enhance the look and facility of your pergola environment.

Rain-Assistant Design
This installation needs vinyl in place of lumber and brick floor to resist extreme weather like rain. For friend and family gathering, it is one of the most favorite backyard ideas.

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