21 DIY Ideas To Save Money This Halloween

Halloween is a time when decorations must be astute. A lot of people spend a lot of money and time to make their homes fun and scary. However, it is not necessary to invest so much on Halloween décor as there are some neat and cheap DIY Halloween ideas that provide the look and save the bucks.

Tin Can luminaries are one of the best DIY Halloween ideas to bring the Halloween feeling to one’s home. All it requires is a tin can and a bulb. If one does not have an empty tin can at home, it can be cheaply purchased too. Only a hole requires to be made in the can and the bulb can be hanged there. These luminaries are great for outdoors. Another great idea is to make black cat lanterns. This is a great idea, especially if one is tired of carving pumpkins. This idea requires pumpkins to be stacked on top of each other. If possible, a candle can be placed inside them to make them more remarkable. The best part about such DIY Halloween ideas is that they are easy to clean later.

Another great idea is to make Halloween candle light cups. These can be made from plastic cups, new as well as old. Cups of a particular color can be used or even multicolour cups and some LED lights. These stuff can be easily bought at the nearest store. Porch and stairways can be decorated by such DIY Halloween ideas. These cups can also be strung together to make a lighted garland. Halloween luminaries are another easy to make and economic Halloween idea. All these require are some recycled bags and a few other supplies. These are absolutely gorgeous and the best part is, they can be designed as per the one’s preferences.

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