20 Diy Wall Clock Ideas

Clocks are an essential part of all households. Every house has clocks in some shape, size and measure. They are a classic and also display the personality of the house. Large clocks can be used as a major focal point. The best part about clocks are that they are easy to make. In effect, a properly made DIY clock is as good looking as a purchased clock.

The first step is to choose the base. This can be literally anything. If a hole can be drilled through something without destroying it, it can be used as a base for DIY wall clock ideas. Some of the best choices are old round saw blades, wooden musical instruments, books, chalkboards, bicycle wheels, etc. Step two is to make the surroundings for the clock. The most important part is to determine the exact centre of the chosen base. The centre for circles and other regular geometric shapes are easy to determine.

For other shapes, it is better to search for appropriate methods to determine the centre. This is a step that appears easy, but is immensely important. This serves as the shaft for the clock. Choosing the numbers is one among the numerous DIY wall clock ideas. Depending on what the idea for the entire clock is, representing the ‘numbers’ of the clock needs to be decided. The base of the clock can even be painted, if this is possible.

Clock kits are available separately. This is perhaps the only thing that has to be ordered separately. Once this has been delivered, there would be clear steps on how to assemble them. Once this has been done, the clock is ready to be used. Other DIY wall clock ideas can be used to enhance the beauty of the clock such as minimising clutter, choosing the appropriate size of wall clock, etc.

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