17 Amazing DIY Wall Décor Ideas

17 Amazing DIY wall décor ideas

The holiday season is very close and Halloween is right around the corner. This calls for new wall decoration and colorful accessories. One can go for a complete makeover or some creative DIY wall décor ideas. One very good idea is melted crayon canvases. All his requires is some crayons, glue and a blow dryer. There are monochromatic as well as rainbow colored versions of melted crayon canvases. Another such idea is to make bubbles using tissue paper. This is a basic pattern and costs almost nothing. One would need patience to work with a wet tissue paper. In this, the shape of the cut and the colors can be altered to produce random shapes.

Sectioned Canvas Wall Art is another innovative DIY wall décor ideas. It requires bamboo sticks and a soothing photo like a scenic beach or a beautiful landscape. An attractive photo in a fragmented look appears more artsy than the conventional framed photograph hung on walls. Otherwise, one can also go for modern wall art projects. Apart from being attractive, it also showcases the sophistication of the owner. Materials required for this are black canvas, acrylic color and painters tape. This depends purely on the creativity of a person, as there are several geometric and design possibilities.

One of the most impressive DIY wall décor ideas is to make a 3D geometric wall art. These works of art look elegant and reflect charm in a modern home. However, these requires a certain degree of knowledge and creativity from a person. If there are small children in a home, Circle Punch Art is one of the numerous amazing DIY wall décor ideas. Small children can be kept busy for some time during a weekend. All they need to do is punch out circle in varying sizes and colors. This can be used to create a graphic pattern.