16 DIY Pathway Ideas

Pathways are a sign of completion in any garden. Specially, a home garden needs pathway to have a sense of dimension and uniqueness. The uniqueness of pathways determines the overall uniqueness of a garden. There are various DIY pathway ideas available today depending on how much time, effort and money you can afford to meet a project. However, sometimes, people have nothing to do with money and time; they only want to have fun of DIY projects. The DIY pathway ideas in the rest of the article will help all kind of pathway builders.

Stone and Pebbles
They will give incredible chic to your garden, especially if it is a home garden. Stones of any shape, just like square, amid countless pebbles on the pathway will be a sober and elegant choice.

Stone and Mulch
The combination of stones and mulch is another great and wonderfully creative idea to supply a unique pathway into your garden. It will specially appeal those ones who want to create a masterpiece out of small budget.

Did you ever think about the use of those waste logs in your store rooms? Here comes the time to use them and create brilliantly stunning pathway out of those old logs. Sounding incredible, but it can produce tremendous result if you go with this one of the most inexpensive DIY pathway ideas.

Flagstones can also give chic, dimension and completion to your garden when used to make a beautiful pathway. You will find flagstones unable to provide you a complete plan, so use pebbles to fill those uncovered places around flagstones in the pathway.

These DIY pathway ideas might need effort from your side as you will have to define length and width, remove turf, protect against weeds and lay down the material, but the result of all fun will be astonishing and satisfying.

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