10 DIY Sofa Table Ideas

DIY sofa table ideas
Now days you can see that innovation has arrived in almost everything, same goes for furniture. You can see that there are now sofa tables available with sofas so that you don’t have to place your cup of coffee on center table and then reach it out for taking a sip. These sofa tables are very effective for placing a glass of water, snack, or TV remote so you can easily reach these out. The good thing is that you can easily make this sofa table by yourself. Following are the items you are required for making your own sofa table.

• Wood
• Coping saw
• Dowel rod
• Pencil
• Drill with regular size bit
• Sanding block
• Wire snips
• Wood glue
• Outlet
• Outlet box
• Outlet cover
• Head screw driver 3 prong extension cord

First of all you have to go to your local hardware store and cut 3 pieces of wood as per your required size. For this dimensions will be according to the back side of your sofa. You should also have space for outlet of your sofa. Once you are done with it you have to draw for out cover using pencil. Now drill out holes in corner which you have drawn for your outlet. After this you require to saw out the holes using coping saw.

Next step is to glue your table together by gluing edges of wooden pieces with center piece. Now attach the dowel rods for fixing and securing the legs of your sofa table.

Your sofa table is almost ready to be used. You can also do wiring for having lighting effects, but for this you need some expert advice otherwise you may risk yourself. Now place your sofa with your sofa table on the back against the wall and enjoy your sitting. Good luck!

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